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Amanda Hamp

Amanda Hamp is passionate about the workings of the human body. She has overcome physical boundaries for most of her life and is grateful for the knowledge and understanding of how to realign body and mind through daily practice. A 20-year practitioner of yoga and Pilates, Amanda is a 500-Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher,  Certified Personal Trainer; Certified Holistic Health Coach, Pilates Instructor, and Organic Foods Chef.

Amanda’s training has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic and integrative nutrition, health, and exercise. Her education and experience enables her to help clients make dietary and lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. She believes that our country and world are in a health crisis of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and other diet-related illnesses and that it is our responsibility to live the walk that we talk and share the knowledge we have been given in order to be the change we want to see in this world.

Amanda is offering Yoga Teacher Training at Wells Therapeutics beginning! Visit for more info!

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