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Emily Wells

Emily Wells

Saturday and Sunday, April 9th and 10th, 9:30am-5pm

The workshop is designed for all those who wish to consciously create, identify and move energy on internal and external levels and who want to know how to use it for personal development. It also gives the basics of helping others using our own energy. Students are gradually involved in a progressive sequence of exercises, breathing and meditation techniques which promote good energy flow. Most of emphasis is put on understanding and experiencing three external levels of energy (often called “subtle bodies”) – etheric, emotional and mental.

To introduce the idea of bioenergy healing
To present scientific research programs in the field of bioenergy practice
To teach participants how to feel and see energy fields (experiential part)
To teach participants how to use bioenergy for their own well being
To teach participants how to protect their energy fields against unwanted vibrations
During the workshop Mietek is frequently working with each participant in order to stimulate student’s energy flow with his own. He also helps to correct vibrations in the chakras (energy centers), to facilitate the process of harmonic energy passage.

Workshop tuition $ 525.00
(Manual, 6 CD’s & music on CD included)
Non refundable deposit $255.00
Contact: Mae Dozier 757-549-7791 Virginia Beach, VA
Bioenergy office 301-652-1691  Bethesda, MD